Monday, December 26, 2016

Minimalistic Lifestyle Change

I have been on a quest for so long, I did not even know I was on it, until I read Marie Kondo's book and subsequently purged my sewing box. Being a professional organizer, I am much more organized and have less clutter than most so I had already purged the cursory stuff like clothes, books, and paper. However, as I have been whittling down my stuff, everything became so clear. I have a five bedroom house to accommodate having four children but as CEO of the house, the common areas were all my responsibility. Now that they are all starting to move out I realized that I have way too much stuff.

If you are a young family reading this, realize that you don't need all of the stuff that you think you need to grow your family. The children don't care that you have an entire cabinet for arts and crafts. If they want to do arts and crafts they will find the supplies. My daughter used to make doll clothes out of tissues. Also, the children don't care that you have three snow suits for them. They kind of don't even care that you have one. If they want to go in the snow, they will find a way to stay warm.

If you are a family already in mid progress, start getting rid of the stuff now. When a child outgrows one phase, don't hold on to the items (unless the next one is showing interest in the items). As my teen aged son told me, "I am no longer the 8 year old who go outside, rides his bike and then comes in and plays leggos (but you can't get rid of the leggos, smile)." Well at least I can get rid of the now too small bike.

If you are approaching empty nest or already there, now is the time to really downsize and live the minimalist lifestyle that has been a glimmer in your eye. It is a process. Start with the big stuff. Get rid of furniture that is broken or that you don't like. Give everything to your children now. Why wait until you die. They could be enjoying it now. Get rid of the big soup pots (unless of course you make a big pot of soup every week that you share with your grown children and friends. Pare down office supplies, bags, good china, books, clothes (yes again), toiletries. PARE DOWN EVERYTHING.

As I  continue to work with elders, I realize that they have called me to help them purge because they have way too much and don't have the energy to do it themselves. I could go on and on about this topic, but the message is clear. Purge on!

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The O’s have it. Tips for making lasting changes.

No matter what you are changing, whether it is implementing a new computer process or getting personally organized, remember these tips. : O
.      Own it! Don’t rely on anyone else to make the change for you. Only you can do it. But you can get all the support you need to keep you on track.
.      Outstanding attitude. Keep smiling and eventually it will get easier.
     Ongoing commitment. Whenever you start to get discouraged remember that you did not get to where you are overnight so it will take a while. Keep at it. Eventually it will stick with you.

Happy change.

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Is it better to give stuff or experiences?

Are you a person who values experiences that you have had? When you go on vacation do you have to purchase souvenirs to remember the experience? Are he traditions that you have with your family the most memorable part of the holidays?

If you answered, YES to the above, then you probably value experiences more than the stuff related to them. Then why do you have so much stuff?

Being caretaker of our stuff can be a full time job. How can you possibly have time for experiences if you are too busy caring for your stuff?

At some point in your life you began collecting the stuff. Now how are you going to purge it so you can stop spending time caring for it and start spending time enjoying experiences.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

An organizer's view of the Holidays

What do you do during any holiday (including birthdays)? Spend time preparing for it. Inviting people. Cooking extra food. Buying and wrapping gifts. Decorating. When the pace of life was slower, a celebration was a chance to give a person something to look forward to. Now it is only another set of tasks to complete. Even if you have a party planner, you have to make more money to be able to pay the person. So you are still busier than if you did not celebrate the holiday. And you have to attend the celebration. Whether it is at home with a few people or at a function hall. And the gifts! Who needs more items? For what? To maintain? For me to come in and help you purge. This holiday think about spending time relaxing with family and friends instead of creating a storybook retail laden celebration.

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