Thursday, March 30, 2017

Top 10 tips for Organizing with Technology

  1. Use proper software for all proper purposes
  2. Clear electronic clutter
  3. Create systems for keeping electronic information organized
  4. Don’t rely on one device. Plan for disaster. Down time. Backup
  5. Protect your passwords.
  6. If sharing files, be careful of versions.
  7. When scanning documents, verify that all pages have been scanned and are facing proper direction
  8. Use same folder structure across all types of files (docs, e-mail, web favorites, etc.)
  9. Drag e-mail items to task
  10. Don’t use technology as a crutch
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Friday, March 24, 2017

Reflections on Paper

As I go day in and day out to people’s houses, I am amazed at how much paper is available. It is no wonder our society is stressed. Why do we feel compelled to look at all of the paper? Are we going to miss something? Or forget it?

First we need to minimize the amount of information we get. Don’t pick up the flyers at rest areas. Don’t the free magazines because they are free? When you get mail at home, don’t look at it unless you asked for it.  Take measures to take your name off marketing lists.

As you receive paper, decide right away if you are going to need it. When I do this with incoming mail, I end up keeping only 25% of it. But the battle remains.
Ask friends not to pass their magazines to you. If they do, do you really have to read it. It is a never ending cycle.

That journal entry was in 2008. Now in 2016 I do not feel compelled to look at words. I can pass by all of the visual clutter calling out to me saying, “read me.” Amen.

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