Wednesday, April 12, 2017

5 Things you can do NOW to Organize your Future

We worked every weekend for six months but we finally cleaned out my mother's house. There was so much stuff. Does this sound familiar?  We have all heard stories of people having to clean out a house of someone that has passed away. Do you want to leave your children with a mess? The earlier you start the less stress you (and your family) will have as you get older.

Five things that you can do now so you do not leave a mess to your children.

1. Get all of your paperwork down to ONE file cabinet. You need so much less paper than you think you need. Easy to get rid of - junk mail, magazines, catalogs, old work papers, old school papers.
2. Downsize your belongings. Start with books. Learning the process with them will be easier. For the first level get rid of all the books that you can easily get out of the library or that you know you will never read again. Then you get the category of books that you need for information. See if you can get that information on line or take notes on the information needed. Finally, make a pile of books that you will read once more. Read them then discard them. You will probably get to the first five and give up. Go through again and re-evaluate.
3. Consolidate items. An example is multimedia. Think of all the CD's, records, or cassettes that you own. Some of these may be kept for memories. Is there just one song on a CD that you like? Copy the song and make a play list of your favorite songs.
4. Get your important papers in order.  Go through memorabilia and photos to save the most important for your heirs. Read your will to make sure that you are leaving the most important things to your children. Organize your important papers: insurance, social security, bonds, health insurance information, etc.
5. Create a budget. You want to be able to live comfortably in your golden years and not place any undue burdens on others.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

In with the new - Go Paperless

People are very hesitant to get rid of the paper, even if the process for electronic file saving has been designed. It is like a security blanket.
There are certain records that need to be stored on paper. They are items that you would need to reference in case of emergency and you would need even if the computer is down – health and identification papers for example.
In this information age, we save just about everything but we don’t really need it. The comfort factor of eliminating the paper and keeping the files on the computer is the awareness that the files may not be retrievable again. Ever. A person needs to be comfortable that all of the information needed is within themselves.

Embrace technology. Utilize it for what it is meant to do – provide information when needed. If you are inundated with stuff, you cannot be free to receive only information provided by the universe.

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