Monday, August 28, 2017

School Supply Shopping Tips

How to Go Back-to-School… The Right Way

“Back to School”… the three words that all teenagers fear hearing. Sadly this saying means that it’s time to say goodbye to summer and to crack open the school books. And to top it all off, usually both the parent and the child get stressed about the mayhem of school supply shopping. So to relieve this pressure, here are a couple tips to learning the trade of getting organized for school:

-        One of the most important things to do first is to scan your schedule for mistakes and fix them before it’s too late by calling the guidance counselor.
-        Once that is done with, make a list of all the classes and supplies you will need. (Notebooks, pens, pencils, an agenda book, folders, a highlighter, and a calculator are the basic supplies)
-        Be sure not to wait until last minute when buying supplies, since it could be very overwhelming. Instead get them about a week ahead of time to 1) Beat the crowd and 2) Find the best deals.
-        When buying folders and notebooks for a classes, be sure to have them the same color as your text book cover. It’s easier to remember what utensils go with what class.

-        For freshman, keep this system throughout all of high school and you will have easy sailing. Remember; always be open to new ideas and new systems of organizing and try your hardest.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Transition I s something that I teach in organizing classes.
I have not fully planned the transition from living a more simplistic lifestyle. Let’s think about what needs to be done.
It is more than paying off the bills. It is about discovering how to spend your days. Some would call this intentional living.

This is the same issue that people who are retired are facing.
Budgeting is a big part of the plan. How are you going to pay the bills and have money to live the lifestyle you are living. I need to transition everyone in the house to a downsized way of thinking.
It seems that much of our extra money is spent on eating out and going fun places like the movies.
Ok. I had a brief time where I acted as if I deserve to treat myself. I bought new clothing. Went to the movies. Ate out when I wanted. But that is now over. If I want to transition to this next phase of my working. The lifestyle of self-sustainability is more important than getting new dresses or going to museums.

I am not going to over-schedule for my family. They can dictate what is important to them.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Purse Organization: Get in the Zone

How to Organize Your Purse:

Purse Zones:
Personal Hygiene or Makeup
ü  Toothbrush/toothpaste
ü  Tissues
ü  Hand cream
ü  Feminine hygiene products
ü  Hair accessories
ü  Dental Floss
ü  Mirror
ü  Chap stick/lipstick
ü  Make up
ü  Pills
ü  Band aids
ü  Throat lozenges

Tools (pens, pencils, etc.)
ü  Stamps
ü  Paperclips/pins/elastic band
ü  Sm sewing kit
ü  Nail file
ü  Comb
ü  Sm flashlight
ü  Pen
ü  Pencil
ü  Pad of paper
ü  Small screw driver
ü  Swiss army knife

ü  Credit cards
ü  Checkbook
ü  Money – change/ bills

Temporary In/ Out Everyday
ü  Cell phone
ü  Palm pilot/calendar
ü  Glasses/sunglasses
ü  Keys
ü  Food
ü  Toy
ü  Water bottle

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Organized Fun in the Sun

During summertime, don't let all the stuff you have get the best of you. Staying organized is key to having a great time. What better place to enjoy this than the beach! Below is a list of things you will need to enjoy the best beach day ever!  

Beach Packing List:
     -        Bathing Suit/ Wet Suit
-        Sandal or Water Shoes
-        Sneakers
-        Change of Clothes
-        Chair
-        Towel
-        Bottled Water
-        Sunscreen
-        Sunglasses
-        Hat or Visor
-        Snack and Juice Box
-        Sand Toys
-        Boogie Board

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