Thursday, September 28, 2017

Forward Motion Towards a Minimalistic Lifestyle

Forward Motion Towards a Minimalistic Lifestyle

Forward motion has been a continual topic that has been brought to my attention by massage therapists and energy workers. What is causing my hip flexors to be stuck? Is it an issues from birth? Or did it develop in my teen years when I started taking care of others without giving care to myself?
In order to solve my dilemma of how I am not moving forward I looked up “forward motion” and came up with this definition – the act of moving forward towards a goal. I have to keep reminding myself of what my goal is. Stated again:

Live a minimalistic lifestyle.

There are many roadblocks that continually get in my way but that is not what life is about. I have to find balance between movement and stillness (aka doing and being). Some of the struggles I face are a result of past life choices. I am not complaining about them, I am reminding myself that I need to continue to untangle the web so I can get my daily existence to a point that suits my vision of a minimalistic lifestyle.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Study Skills Checklist: How to Ace any Class

Study Skills Checklist: How to Ace any Class

ü  Focus on the Time of Day- Studying at midnight will not help you, both for the exam and physically. Studying at a more humane hour, when the sun is up, is best for your brain to receive and understand the information you are focusing on.

ü  Break it up into Small Pieces- Cramming right before hand is not the way to go. Studying small chunks of what will be on the exam will help you maintain the information better and more clearly. If you have days before the exam, make sure you stretch studying out and over the few days in order to obtain the most information.

ü  Create a Space to Study- Have a designated place wherever you are to study, so that you go there every time. Whether it be the library, a desk in your house, or a corner of your dorm room, make sure it is only there for studying so that you can get in the zone and focus.

ü  Find out What the Teacher Wants- Don’t just assume the test will be a certain way based on what other teachers have done in the past. Your best bet is to ask the teacher all the questions you have to get the clearest picture.

ü  Create a Plan- Setting up when and how you are going to study immediately when you are given the date of the exam will give you solid goals to follow and reciprocate through with.

ü  Have Rewards for Yourself- Rewarding yourself for studying makes your brain more active in the studying process. Having little rewards every once in a while will keep you engaged and focused, like a gummy bear every page. Only after you have studied and accomplished a great amount can you reward yourself with something bigger, like an episode of Grey's Anatomy.

ü  Have Consequences for Yourself- Along with having rewards, if you don’t actually accomplish your studying goal, consequences must be made. Obviously you don’t want to be too tough on yourself, or you won’t be motivated to study anymore. Taking away a treat or deciding to stay home instead of going out are good solutions.

ü  Slow Down and Calm Down- Staying calm and following your study plan is the best way to rid yourself of exam day jitters. By following a clear and concise plan, you in turn will feel confident for any test or exam. 

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The ABC's of What to Bring to College

The ABC’s of What to Bring to College

-        Acne/cleansing wash and acne cream
-        Address book
-        Alarm clock: very important! J
-        Allergy medicine: Claritin or Benadryl or other anti-histamine

-        Backpack/messenger bag
-        Balls: Basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, baseballs, tennis balls
-        Bandages and Band-Aids: for sprains and cuts
-        Batteries, especially AA
-        Bicycle, helmet, LOCK
-        Binders
-        Bins or boxes for storing papers/folders
-        Blanket: fleece or thermal
-        Bleach
-        Board games (Monopoly, a chess or checkers set etc.)
-        Body lotion
-        Bookcase: find a slim, tall bookcase if you’re pressed for space. It’s good for organizing text and literary books; of course you can store anything on it-- from food to board games to boxes of cleaning supplies. Great storage. If it’s a shorter bookcase, you can put decorations atop it-- pictures, a vase etc.
-        Broom or short-handled brush with dustpan (if you don’t care for vacuums or Swiffer)
-        Brush: get a good scrubbing one for cleaning grout/tough stains
-        Bucket: get a sturdy one for use in cleaning/mopping
-        Bug spray (to keep your skin from those awful mosquitoes etc.)
-        Bulletin board with pins

-        Cable/wiring organizer: for your computer wires
-        Calendar: to keep track of the date and days; dry-erase calendars are awesome for scrawling in important events and then erasing for the next month
-        Calculator or graphing calculator
-        Camera-- at least a disposable one
-        Can opener
-        CDs
-        CD cases, or soft-cover CD folders which are more space efficient and easier to carry
-        Cereals, cereals, cereals
-        Chair: a comfortable one, not a desk chair, but more of a reading/relaxing seat. Try the:
a) butterfly chair
b) Egg chair or
c) the classic beanbag
-        Chair cushion: if you don’t want to bring or buy a desk chair, buy an attractive seat cushion for the chair that the college provides
-        Chips
-        Clothes: make sure you bring a variety of clothing for a variety of temperatures
-        Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are amazing, easy to use and leave a good scent
-        College-rule line paper
-        Colored markers and colored pencils
-        Comb or hairbrush
-        Comforter
-        Computer-- Laptop or Desktop or Notebook.
-        Conditioner (hair)
-        Contacts
-        Contact lens case
-        Contact lens solution
-        Containers: small plastic or mesh containers for small accessories (paperclips/tape/white-out/jewelry/makeup)
-        Cordless Phone and/or Cell Phone: very important!
-        Cough drops/lozenges
-        Cotton balls: many uses, including for applying/wiping off make-up, applying antiseptics to cuts and wounds
-        Cotton facial pads: for applying or removing foundation and other make-up, also for applying facial lotions, toners and astringents
-        Curling iron (hair)
-        Curtains: if your dorm room doesn’t provide curtains, an attractive set of curtains can help bring color and life to your room

-        Day planner, day runner, agenda etc.
-        DayQuil/NyQuil
-        Decorator’s Lamps: these are pretty, inexpensive ways to light up your room and add color
-        Deodorant (can’t forget that!)
-        Desk chair-- colleges provide a desk chair, but it often isn’t as nice as the one you probably have at home. A good desk chair that swivels and is on wheels is great
-        Desk lamp: many stores sell extremely inexpensive and colorful desk lamps
-        Desk organizers
-        Diskettes
-        Dry-erase markers
-        Drying rack (for wet laundry-- dryers are often all occupied by the time your clothes are clean from the washing machine, so a drying rack might be helpful)
-        DVD player or VHS
-        DVDs or Videos

-        Eating Utensils: inexpensive utensils OR disposable plastic utensils will do: packs of disposable OR two to four inexpensive sets of knives, spoons, forks, cups, mugs, plates, bowls
-        Erasers (Staedtler erasers are amazing!)
-        Eye drops

-        Fabric softener for the dryer
-        Facial lotion (especially if you’re in a colder climate and your skin will tend to dry out more easily)
-        Favorites books
-        Febreeze: excellent to temporarily rid clothes (and blankets, pillows, etc) from odors
-        Files and expandable filing folders
-        Flashlight
-        Floss
-        Folders-- with pockets and three-prongs
-        Folding chairs/tail-gaiting chairs/folding lawn chairs-- any easy, folding chair that you can quickly prop open for guests or haul down to the game for tail-gaiting is a plus
-        Footstool (if you’re vertically challenged)
-        Foreign Language Dictionary: for whatever language you’ll be taking in college
-        Fragrance: perfume or cologne, or body sprays
-        Frisbees!
-        Fruit
-        Fruit juices

-        Gatorade and other sports/electrolyte drinks
-        Glasses
-        Granola bars
-        Graphing paper

-        Hair dryer
-        Hairbands/hair pins for ladies
-        Hairspray/sculpting cream
-        Hammer
-        Hand-held electronic games (Gameboy etc.)
-        Hand and feet cream (Neutrogena makes the effective and inexpensive Norwegian formula
-        Headphones-- very important-- both to block out annoying sounds from your roommate or keep music your roommate doesn’t like to yourself
-        Highlighters
-        Hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol

-        I-Pod or other music player (MP3, CD player)
-        Internet access software/wiring
-        Iron
-        Ironing board

-        Kleenex or other facial tissue

-        Laptops and desktops: for work/studying, but plays your music and DVDs as well
-        Laptop case
-        Laundry basket: a lot of people prefer the sturdy plastic baskets to laundry bags. Can hold folded clothes better as well
-        Laundry Hamper or Bin: hampers are always useful; some of us use canvas bins with handles to toss wet towels and dirty clothes in; others have large mesh or canvas laundry bags (folding hampers are great if you need space)
-        Lip balm
-        Lint-roller
-        Loofah/sponge or wash towel

-        Make-up (a lot of more low-maintenance girls I know often just go with the basics-- foundation or tinted moisturizer for covering up flaws, mascara and lip gloss or a lipstick)
-        Manila envelopes (for papers or reports that you don’t want folded)
-        Map-- of your country, your state, the world, your college campus
-        Masking tape
-        Microwave
-        Milk
-        Mini-fridge or Micro-fridge
-        Mints or minty gum
-        Mirror-- a good mirror, from full length
-        Mouse
-        Mouse pad
-        Mouthwash
-        Multi-vitamins (especially vitamin C, when you’re trying to keep your immune system up around cold season)
-        Muscle Relief: Icy Hot Patches or Thermal Patches for aches
-        Musical instrument/music books

-        Nail clippers
-        Nail file
-        Nail polish remover
-        Neosporin
-        Nightstand: if you’ve got room, nightstands are nice-- put a small lamp and your reading books atop it. Looks pretty and if it has drawers, it offers more storage space for whatever you’d like.
-        Notepads

-        Oxi-Clean

-        Pack of playing cards
-        Pain and fever relief-- Tylenol, Advil, ibuprofen
-        Paperclips
-        Paper towels
-        Pencils
-        Pencil case/container
-        Pencil Sharpener
-        Pens: regular blue, black and red; have at least one, nicer ball-point pen as well
-        Photos and picture frames
-        Pillows
-        Popcorn
-        Pop-Tarts
-        Post-its
-        Power strips (because you’ll only have so many electrical outlets)
-        Printer Paper (white)

-        Q-Tips: tons of uses-- for cleaning the insides of your ears, for applying or removing make-up, etc

-        Radio/stereo
-        Ramen/Cup Noodles
-        Razor, shaving cream and aftershave for males
-        Reusable water bottles
-        Robe
-        Rolls of coins or your laundry card
-        Rubber bands
-        Rug!: to add attractiveness to the bare tile or wood floor of your room-- and keep your feet warm when you slip out of bed winter mornings

-        Safe or lockbox for valuables: jewelry, watches, etc-- actually, any box with a lid will do to store your valuables in, just as long as you don’t leave your bracelets, watches, rings etc lying around
-        Shampoo
-        Sharpies or any other permanent marker (thick and thin)
-        Shaving lotion, gel or body wash for shaving
-        Shaving razor
-        Sheets: at least two and preferably three different sets of sheets for your bed, often college beds are extra-long twin size
-        Shower caddy/tote
-        Shower shoes (flip-flops)
-        Soap or body wash
-        Soap container: it’d be best to have a container for it, so the other items in your tote won’t get soppy and sticky. Bed Bath and Beyond has some handy plastic soap cases with latches
-        Spiral notebooks
-        Sponge: get one for cleaning dishes, another for cleaning your dorm/bathroom
-        Stapler and staples
-        Straightening iron (hair)
-        Sunglasses
-        Suntan lotion
-        Swiffer Dry: extremely easy to use, quick and easy to clean - just dispose of the cloth after use; hard to pick up more than lint and hair, however
-        Swiffer Duster: excellent and easy to hold and maintain
-        Swiffer Wet: use like a mop, very easy to use and leaves a great fresh scent
-        Swim goggles

-        Tape dispenser and clear tape refills
-        Tapestries: hang them up on the wall, above your bed, etc.
-        Teabags
-        Three-hole punch adapter
-        Toothbrush
-        Toothbrush case
-        Toothpaste
-        Towels (at least two sets each of bath towel, hand towel, face towel etc.)
-        Trash Can
-        Tree Floor Lamp
-        TV
-        Tweezers

-        Umbrella- a good, sturdy one

-        Washcloths or washrags: use old ones for rinsing or drying dishes, and cleaning floors
-        Water bottles
-        Waterless hand sanitizer
-        Whiteboard with dry-erase markers
-        White-out or correctional fluid (I prefer the rolling, tape-dispenser-like white-out)
-        Windex
-        Writing Basics: a writing style book, a dictionary, a thesaurus 

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