Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Information Organizing

People have been struggling with organizing information for the entire length of the 19 hundreds. 
With the Advent of computers it is just compounded the issue. People are overloaded with information. It's either in paper or Media or games and the list goes on and on.
The way to help process the information in your brain which is most important is to stop listening to 
Media. Music. Stop reading books. Magazines. 
In other words Shield yourself from the information that is in this world
I am ignoring the influences of music books and as much media as I can. So I am not bogged down with too much information and I have the mental capacity to think of things and process information
People want a guru. They want somebody to follow. 
We'll stop listening to all those other people and listen to yourself
Are you not strong enough for that. Are you not strong enough for that. 
Well the only way you can gain the strength is to put away all the books from the other people. 
Turn off the TV. Turn off the radio. And sit and listen to your own thoughts
Also by eliminating other sources of information a person can be more creative. 
Create your own music. Write your own books. Film your own movies. Draw. Paint. Do artwork

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