Friday, May 25, 2018

How to Tackle an Attic Clean Out

       As a child, it seems like the scariest of places. And yet, even as adults, there is a taboo surrounding the attic, especially when it comes to cleaning it out. Sure, there might be a lot of cobwebs and embarrassing high school memorabilia, but imagine having a whole new space for storage or a nice hideaway to read a book. The attic has so much potential!  It can provide a new place to neatly and cleanly pack away organized items or give the house an extra place to enjoy.  Even if the progress is slow, cleaning out the attic is a good way to organize and improve your house.

       When first starting to clean your attic, envision the result of how the space will look as clearly as possible so you will feel motivated to get the job done. Next, get on your work clothes, grab your gloves, and get ready to haul junk. The key to a speedy cleanup is separating the items into specific piles based on what you want to do with them. Trash, recycle, keep, and store are the largest categories, but you can also make up your own based on the things you have. The decisions of where everything should go is the biggest barrier. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t thought about it in 6 months, nor will you think about for the next 6 months after being reintroduced to it, it’s not worth your time and space. If you have to lull over the artifact for too long, then put it aside and think about it later. Hopefully, your “getting rid of piles” are larger than your “keep” piles!

       After you’ve finally cleared out the space, make sure to do any needed touching up or repairs to the walls and floorboards.  This way, even if the attic turns back into a small storage area, it won’t be the reason for a water leakage two months later. Then, once the room is clean and able to be used once more, don’t just toss things back in randomly. Instead, segregate certain items into specific zones.. For example, Christmas decorations should go near Thanksgiving decorations and not be mixed with summer clothes. Labeling each of the boxes or containers so you know exactly what is inside them makes for quick item retrievals and maintains organization.

       Once you’re finally done, make sure you go up there every once in a while to catch those spiders from creating cobwebs in your newly cleaned and organized attic or enjoy the space as much as possible so that it doesn’t turn back into a storage area again.

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