Thursday, July 5, 2018

How and Why to Set Up Effective Business Processes

The key to any well-run business is effective processes. Processes are the root of everyday work and determine the effectiveness of a business.  Good processes benefit an organization and allow it to operate smoothly while poor processes can hinder productivity. There are a multitude of ways to go about creating processes, some more effective than others. However, the three most important parts of any business, the ones in need of adequate processes, are administration, marketing, and accounting (or bookkeeping).

Administration ensures the day-to-day work is taken care of so that the business continues to operate.  The purpose of marketing is to get the word out about the business in a meaningful and creative way that drives sales. Accounting processes keeps track of all the numbers and finances with the goal of achieving growth and profitability. Each of these areas must work together for a business to prosper and stay organized. The organization of all the steps to each process into specific folders is the key to remembering to complete each step correctly. The general folders used by Organiz-ER, LLC are listed below, but can be changed around as needed for use in other businesses.

Administration Folders:
1. Process Client Notes
2. Update ACT/Home Advisor
3. Scanning
4. Shredding
5. Photocopying
6. General Administration

Marketing Folders:
1. Update Website
2. General Marketing

Accounting Folders:
1. Prepare Deposits
2. Create Invoices
3. Enter Deposits
4. Credit Card Data Entry
5. Process Expense Reports
6. Write Checks
7. Enter Payments
8. Journal Entry
9. Reconciliations
10. General Accounting

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