Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The Moving Process

       Moving is a labor-intensive, difficult process that requires lots of mental, physical, and emotional energy. First, if you are thinking of moving, you need to plan, prepare and get ready— and you need to do it soon! Plan at least 3-4 months in advance to give your home the best first impression it can make. Potential home buyers will often decide in just a few moments if they are interested. Prepare your home by cleaning up and removing the clutter. Toys, old magazines, and extraneous furniture make a home look small and uninviting. Get ready by notifying the post office and your utility companies and keep all your moving paperwork together. Here is something else to think about: children are not particularly fond of change. Because moving s one of the biggest changes you can make as a family, ensure that your children are part of the process.

       While moving can be difficult, the process can be made easier when you have a thorough plan through the three phases: preparation, day of move, and post-move.

  •          Secure moving services, including trucks and help
  •          Identify housing options
  •         Create a floor plan for the new location
  •         Create an inventory of items
  •         Downsize and organize items
  •         Coordinate appraisals/auctioneers/estate sales/online sales/donations
  •         Ship items to family/friends
  •         Arrange for storage if needed
  •         Prepare existing home for sale, including staging
  •         Pack for move
  •         Arrange for professionally cleaning home after moving
  •         Handle change of address/move cards/utility changes
  •         Start a "Move File" for all papers
  •         Drain the gas and oil from your lawn mower and other power equipment if applicable
  •         Cancel any newspaper delivery and trash pickup
  •         Clean out refrigerator and defrost freezer
  •         Arrange to transfer school records if you have children

Day of Move
  •         On-site management of entire move
  •         Unpack and remove packing materials
  •      Resettle new home – put everything away
  •          Install rods and hand draperies

  •         Disperse remaining items in the home
  •         Clean home
  •        Keep moving supplies if you are expecting to move again

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