Friday, May 17, 2019

What's Life Organizing?

Organiz-ER specializes in helping people organize their offices, homes, and lives.  While it is pretty obvious what office and home organizing entails, many don’t know about what goes into organizing one’s life. 

At the most basic level, life organization is about working with individuals who want to form and implement new habits and routines to get the most out of life.  The ideal life client of Organiz-ER is someone who finds themselves disorganized in some aspects of their life, struggling with time management and mounting responsibilities.  While a person’s physical spaces may be clean and appear organized, life organization focuses more on the mental and emotional components of one’s life, trying to reduce stress and bring calmness to one’s life by focusing on what’s important. 

Life organization is different for everyone as it focuses on the wants and needs of the individual.  The job of the organizer is to assist the person in planning for, and achieving, their long-term goals.  This is done by establishing set routines that make each person the best version of themselves possible through consistency and efficiency that will lead them to their desired results.  This could involve working on time management or reducing the stresses and responsibilities a person has.  Often times, people change their goals and require an overhaul of their life.  This is a difficult process, but Organiz-ER is there to help!

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