Monday, August 26, 2019

Are Worn Clothes Dirty?

We’ve all been there.  You wear a shirt or a pair of shorts once, but the garment isn’t dirty.  It might not be fresh, but it doesn’t need to be washed yet. If you put it back in the closet or drawer, you risk getting your clean clothes smelly and dirty. While these clothing items might not smell the best after a wear or two, washing them would be a waste of energy. I have a word for such clothes: pre-laundry.  Pre-laundry is the pair of pants hanging on the unused treadmill, the sweater hanging off the back of a chair, or that pair of socks on the floor that you barely wore the other day.  While easy to grab, it’s easy to forget these clothes for a while.  They begin to creep into our spaces and blur the line between dirty and clean as the mysterious pile of clothing piles up.  The question is, what is one to do with this clothing in the purgatory between your closet and your laundry basket?

I’m often asked about the best strategies to manage slightly-worn clothes.  To help, I recommend following these simple tips:

1. Don't let clothes pile up!  Allow no more than 3 outfits of varying kinds of clothing to accumulate. For example, having a pair of shorts and pajamas out at the same time might make sense, but having multiple pairs of jeans strewn about is just plain messy.  Don’t have multiples of an article of clothing lying around!

2. Hang worn clothes on a hanger and hang that off the end of another hanger (an empty hanger or one with the ends exposed) in your closet so they are facing outward as opposed to inside the closet where they could contaminate other clothes.  This way, you can still quickly identify and grab your pre-laundry clothing without having to take up more space or search around for the spot you dropped off your shirt.  For clothes that you may have only worn for a very short period of time, like a suit or dress for church, you can create a separate section in your closet.

3. Make a rule to wear pre-laundry items NEXT. In other words, if you have a sweater that is half dirty, think about wearing that one next instead of getting a clean half dirty as well.

4. Take a good look (or sniff) around once a week to see if you need to wash some of the clothes you thought weren’t dirty enough earlier in the week.

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Friday, August 16, 2019

Checklist for Your Loved Ones

Dealing with end of life issues is always difficult, both mentally and emotionally.  To make things easier for your loved ones when the time comes, it is best to put your affairs in order and leave them the necessary information all in one place.  Our attempt to do this is our "Checklist for My Loved Ones" which can be found on our website by clicking the link.  Please try to use it and give us your thoughts and feedback on how we could improve the list. We hope this helps!

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